The Five Best Simon Pegg Movies of His Career

Unless you’ve followed his entire career since it started in the mid-90s you might have trouble seeing Simon Pegg as anything but a comedic actor that finds his way into a host of action movies where he serves a the comic relief at times. To be honest he usually plays a more complex character in his roles than people are led to believe since even Shaun of the Dead featured him as a guy that was going nowhere and had almost hit rock bottom in terms of his emotional stability. But all in all he’s portrayed his characters as people that evolve and learn to grow with the situations they find themselves in and somehow come out all the better for the adversity they have to experience. He’s the kind of guy that you don’t think much of at first but end up rooting for once he really gets rolling.

Here are a few of the best movies from his career so far.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Buck is just a wild, crazy character that Pegg seems to have had a lot of fun with since despite his size and stature he’s the kind of fearless critter that doesn’t take guff from anyone and is, well, a little unbalanced to put it nicely. The fact that he takes on a massive dinosaur he names Rudy is a tall tale in and of itself, but the revelation that his story is true for the most part is just awesome. Of course there’s always a matter of perspective that needs to be dealt with, but in the matter of an animated feature it’s really better to just go with the story and be entertained by what you’re watching. Kids often get this a lot easier than adults due to lack of experience, and it makes for a great effect.