The Best Top 10 Bruce Willis movies

Walter Bruce Willis is a renowned American producer, actor and singer, best known for his performances in a number of movies, including Tears of the Sun, the Expandables, Die Hard and Armageddon. Willis’s outstanding acting performances have made him one of the most respected action film actors in the world. In a majority of his films, Willis assumes roles where he plays either hard-edged or wisecracking characters. Born Bruce Walter Willis on 19 March 1955 in West Germany, Bruce Willis is the son of Marlene K., a German and David Andrew Willis, an American. After Bruce Willis’s birth, the family relocated to America from West Germany, where his father took up a welding job at a local factory, while his mother began working for a local bank.

Ever since he was young, Willis has always loved acting. However, it was until his high school years that he decided to pursue acting. Bruce Willis was discovered while bartending at a local club by a casting director, who was impressed by his personality. The casting director decided to give Bruce Willis a chance in one of his upcoming movies, where Willis was to play the role of a bartender.

Tears of the Sun

Released in the year 2013, Tears of the Sun is an action-war drama film, which depicts a team of US Navy seals, conducting a rescue mission amidst a civil war, in Nigeria. The main character is Lieutenant Walters, the leader of a group of Navy Seals, who are sent by the United States government to rescue Dr Lena Kendricks, a US citizen. Antoine Fuqua directed this action film, while Bruce Willis produced the film through his production company, Cheyenne Enterprises.