15 Rare Facts About The Fascinating Patrick Stewart

Did you know that he lost his hair when he was 19?

 Losing His Hair

Patrick Stewart lost his hair when he was only 19 years old due to alopecia areata. He was traumatized by his hair loss and became timid. He turned to acting as a way to express himself. 

'The Most Bodacious Man On Television'

In 1992, TV Guide called him the "most bodacious man on television." How did Stewart feel about that description? Stewart responded by saying “It would have been awfully nice if it had happened when I was 19 and lost my hair. I believed that no woman would ever be interested in me again. I prepared myself for the reality that a large part of my life was over."

He Was A Reporter And Writer

Before he was famous, he was a newspaper reporter and obituary writer at the Mirfield & District Reporter. After working there for a year, his employer told him that he needed to choose between acting or journalism. He left the job and the rest is history.