10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natasha Lyonne

In some interviews and shows you see Natasha Lyonne smiling, carrying on, and acting like she’s having a good time. In other instances you might see her looking kind of calm, morose, even melancholy at times. She seems to be someone that kind of wears her heart on her sleeve, but knows how to mask whatever she might be going through if she has to. That being said she’s had a few issues in her life that would have taken a lot of masking in order to let people know that they weren’t bothering her as much as it seemed. Natasha has been an engaging and fun actress to watch for much of her career but it’s also fair to point out that she hasn’t always had the best reputation or even strove to be the best person she could be. That kind of thing aside, she’s still a fun and engaging actress to watch.